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Green Man, Kingsbury, London   1 comment

Pub #2039:

Just above Fryant Country Park I encountered the Green Man, a handsome old pub with high ceilings and impressive lumber all around. The only ale tap spotted was for Doom Bar and the pump clip was turned round the wrong way, so I had a lager (which suited my sweaty state after the mostly uphill run from Wembley Park).



It was before rush hour and long after lunchtime, so there weren’t many people inside. The landlord was friendly but focused on a plate of rice, beans and meat that smelled like what I wanted for supper; I decided to leave him in peace, instead watching some period drama set in the England in the midst of WW2 — and which could easily have used the Green Man for location shots.



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JJ Moon’s, Kingsbury, London   Leave a comment

I ran up the hilly roads from JJ Moon’s in Wembley to the JJ Moon’s in Kingsbury only to be greeted by another cheery bartender (at 10 am, what…the…fuck?) watched over by a stern and sharply dressed bouncer/security guy (at 10 am, what…the…fuck?). Maybe that’s why Wetherspoon’s names some of their pubs “JJ Moon’s” instead of something related to the building or the area: staff on Prozac and a dangerous customer base. This one used to be a furniture store for decades before the bar took over and the block of storefronts went up in the post-war rebuilding-and-expansion boom of the 1950’s so there was plenty of fodder for a more imaginative name.

Still, it is hard to complain about drinking a pint in each of two pubs for less than £4 all in. While working on my porter here, a guy sat across from me with a slightly better order, though: a large whiskey and a cup of coffee. I should consider that combo for the rest of the winter.

Looking back at the other JJ Moon’s encounters, I didn’t notice anything odd in the one in Ruislp and the one in Tooting seemed connected to some underground fellows.  Here’s a map if you fancy trying this one out (you can find the others there, too).


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