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Change of Hart, Edgware, London   Leave a comment


I shortlisted the Change of Hart for the Edgware portion of the N for Northern Line effort due to the play on words in the name.  What I got was a very local kind of bar with lots to attract you.



For instance, when I went to the loo I had to push through about 15 guys drunkenly trying to fit into the small room with the small billiards table.  I the picture, below, they are mostly outside blowing smoke into the bar.  This is probably not a “fuck you” to the smoking in bars ban.  Instead, I think they are just trying to overcome the stench emanating from the Gents where I was obviously the only person that has tried to hit the trough since the last time the place was cleaned during the Thatcher years.



There is a food menu with a wide variety of reasonably priced treats.  I wasn’t that hungry.

My beer was excellent, though.

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Red Filly, Mill Hill, London   Leave a comment

Horse racing and the Irish go together like stout and the Irish.  In fact, I watched a few races with the assembled fellows at the Red Filly as I sipped my Guinness.  One guy was picking up everyone’s stake and running over to the betting shop; even though you can do this on the Interwebs, this is really how it should be.


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Weaver’s, Barnett, London   Leave a comment


By pure coincidence, I was listening, on the mp3 player, to Automatic For The People by REM as I trundled up to Weaver’s.  I couldn’t contain my smile and couldn’t be asked to find a more appropriate pub for this stop on the N for Northern Line runs (read a bit about Weaver D’s in Athens, GA if none of this means anything to you).

The rain had been oppressive so I got a double Jameson and a coffee which came freshly made on a tray, in a cup the size of a Jacuzzi with a cookie on the side.  I had to drink down half the coffee before pouring the whiskey in, but it was a lovely way to take a short break and a wee walk down memory lane.


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Surrey Arms, Mitcham, London   Leave a comment


There were two guys at the end of the bar plus the bartender when I arrived at the Surrey Arms.  I got my beer and was left at the bar as the three went out for a smoke.



They returned and behind them another customer.  “What are you doing here this time of day?”

“They switched our hours from 8-4 to 7-3 so and our lunch a half hour earlier.”  Lunch beers.  I love these guys.

Halfway through my cider, a cut I recognised from Screamadelica (but my copy doesn’t have a track listing) came on and I felt compelled to nurse the rest of the beverage until it finished.  I think I love this bar, too.

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Halalhalal Fish & Kebabs, Morden, London   Leave a comment


On my way to the park in Morden, I stopped for some nourishment in the form of a ‘small’ cod at the Halalhalal Fish & Kebabs.  Remarkably good stuff — firm, perfectly steamed within the tasty batter, and neither too salty nor oily.  Well done.  Perfect for a rainy day out.  Might be found by looking up “Morden Fish & Kebabs,” but I was going by the sign.


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White Bear, Kennington, London   Leave a comment


Back in Kennington for the A2Z: N for Northern Line runs, I braved the rains to reach the White Bear, not really knowing what to expect from a place that pushes its upstairs theatre and a foodie’s delight of a menu.  I needn’t have fretted as the forward section of the house was a perfect recreation of an old-time pub-cum-gentlemen’s club (the posh people version, not the one with lap dances).



The back 2/3 or so seems set up for dining although I think the membrane between bar and restaurant is gossamer thin.  The theatre is upstairs that are accessed by a closed door next to a taxidermied bear.  The gents has a leak that is reminiscent of a current plot device on Eastenders:



There are five or so real ale taps and the beer is good, well kept and cheap.




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London A to Z Runs : N   4 comments


N is for the Northern Line termini.  Each segment is at a point on my favourite Underground route where you must exit the train you are on.  Because there are 5 of these, the pub stops needed to be reasonably near and the tourist items of interest found en route.

Some of these A to Z runs are going to be more conceptual than others.



The first stop is Kennington which was covered in greater detail in the K run.  I hear you: “Kennington continues north and south,” but this is only true on the Bank branch.  I always approach from the Tottenham Court Road side and am rewarded with the bum’s rush announcement of “this train terminates here, all change.”

Turning down Braganza Street to make a looping path to the White Bear pub, I spotted an ornate, 19th-century cornerstone obscured by the street furniture of a shop:



The other item of interest was the vocabulary lesson.  This street, I reckon, is the first-person past pluperfect conjugation of “to shart.”  You have to love a neighbourhood of language geeks:



Continuing to Morden for stop two, I paused at the Halalhalal Fish and Kebab place for a delicious treat before dashing through an unusually lovely park on my way to the Surrey Arms:



There is a history centre with a restored mill complete with water race and wheel:



And, below the Rose Garden there are some bucolic ponds that would have buffered the mill-race in the working days of the mill:

The longest stretch  went to High Barnet:

The station has some fine detail and smacks of being more than an Underground stop (it isn’t):


There is a restored movie palace for the cinema fans here:


And, on my trek to the station after a coffee and whiskey at Weaver’s, I came to realise why I so often get lost on segments of the London Outer Orbital Path.  It is a single trail, so why are there 3 directions to choose from?



Mill Hill was close enough to run to, but the rain was heavy and I still had one more terminus after this so I stuck with the train.



I wouldn’t call the area singularly disinteresting but aside from the atypically high Jewish population in this bit of NW London (Golders Green isn’t far away) making the kosher and halal shops and butchers on about equal footing (and sharing a customer base in the most liberally minded cases) there wasn’t anything that immediately jumped out as photo-worthy.  Even this observation might be worth revisiting the area but is probably too nuanced for someone who makes poo jokes.




So, the best I could manage was musing if there is a Rose Garden or an Oval Office, here.  Sorry, but after the Red Filly and the three previous I was starting to feel the day’s efforts.



I ended the trip with terminus #5, Edgware.


By now, it was pissing down and I blew past some fairly interesting looking urban ugliness (I’ll be back — this is close enough to home to run over to sometime this summer) on my way to the Change of Hart pub.  Having completed the task for the day, I walked to Canons Park Underground station on the Jubilee Line to take advantage of the shorter commute.  On the way, emerging from the hustle and bustle of Edgware in the torrential rains, I spotted the Cross  — a throwback to when this was more of a sleepy, suburban village and a teeming town: