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The Royal Surrey, Morden, London   Leave a comment

Pub #2030:

I was in the Royal Surrey at the end of the Northern Line bits of the day’s TfL run and excused myself to use the toilet as soon as I got my beer.  On my return, I thought the guy who turned his back on the camera, below, looked a bit like Kurt Cobain and someone else…but who?  As I sat down, the next song on the tannoy was “Southern Man.”  THAT’S IT!  Neil’s and Kurt’s illegitimate son, right here in River City!  Very satisfying.

Then, it hit me…the election results were in and the paedo in Alabama lost.  I got a shot of whisky to go with my lager.  “Celebrating?” asked the barmaid.  I nodded, a slow grin fighting its way through my rain-and-sweat-soaked face.




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Kiss Me Hardy, Colliers Wood, London   1 comment

Pub #2029:

I marked the Kiss Me Hardy on the day’s run map mostly for the name but partly because it’s a Hungry Horse pub and I knew it would be open as I passed a little before noon and the nearby Nelson and slightly out-of-the-way Trafalgar would not (a brief scan of the map did not reveal a Lady Hamilton pub, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find one).

The bartender was as slow as a one-armed man, the only tribute to Nelson in this industrial-warehouse-cum-pub besides the name.  Sitting by the taps at one end of the bar, I eventually realised that to get service I would need to go speak with him at the far end of the bar.  I placed my order and he grabbed a glass and sauntered to the taps next to where my dripping run kit sat.  He brought the beer back to me and gave me a price to pay, took my money, and I walked beside him BACK down to the register at my end of the bar.

It was warm and dry in there and the fat customers stuffing their faces with greasy foods made me feel nostalgic for the States.


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The Regent, Balham, London   1 comment

Pub #2028:

Cold and wet and ready for a break after a couple of hours running, the Regent was the first new-to-this-blog pub I passed that was open, and then only due to the fact that I was running slow, today, and the clock had just struck 11 as I passed Balham Station, 50 meters down the street.

It’s an attractive boozer and there are 3 ales on tap, but the attraction, I guess, would be cocktails based on the dazzling selection of liquors lining the back walls of the bar.



I was there alone save for the two barmaids, a table where the manager was working over some of the accounts with someone else, and a couple of African women who wandered in for an early lunch.  Friendly to a fault, I might have stayed for a while if someone came in for The Drink.  Probably magical at night with the large windows and urban streets, it seemed cold and bleak in the rainy late morning light.



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The Goose, Walthamstow, London   1 comment

Pub #2027:

I ran past Walthamstow Central at the end of the day’s runs looking for a pub to change into dry kit and to relax and reflect ahead of the long journey home.  The Goose emerged and I smiled broadly as I entered.



I tried to find another pub called the Goose last week because, as I explained then, I had a Goose-related metaphysical experience around 35 years ago.  I even marked up my body as a result. The script used to be legible and reads “E pur si muove;”  this phrase and my design of the goose in flight were originally against the moon, but Jackie gave me the circles of triangles to make it more like the sun for my 37th birthday (there are 37 pairs of them, the base to height ratio of all 74 is the Golden Ratio, Φ, as is the ratio of the heights — and consequently the bases —  of the small triangles to those of the large triangles).


So, I already felt like I was living my life correctly as I approached the bar in hopes of a decent cider.  They offered not only a decent one, but several including a Christmas favourite of me and the spouse, Lilley’s Mango.  Yep, I am living the dream.



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Mannion’s Prince Arthur, Tottenham Hale, London   1 comment

Pub #2026:

I had marked Mannion’s Prince Arthur on the map before the run, when I thought I would be doing only one or the other of the Overground or Victoria branches that pass nearby, mainly for the unusual name.  As I approached from the west, it appeared to be boarded up.  Shit.  Not surprising, but shit.

I continued around the bend in the road toward Tottenham Hale Station and a backup plan pub when I spotted the non-shuttered windows and the open door on the north face.  Hooray!  I’m saved.

Inside, it was quite the Irish bar with the accent spewing forth and the horse racing on tele and the waymarker to someplace in Eire.  It’s quite an impressive house and I reckon the second beer makes you a regular.  Everyone there continued their conversations without me but all wished me a good day as I left.  Very much an Irish bar, indeed.


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The New Crown, Southgate, London   1 comment

Pub #2025:

The manager of the New Crown was a friendly fellow and quite helpful.  When I settled on Adnam’s Sloe Storm, he suggested some other Christmas themed beers but I was happy with my choice; “I’ve had enough of the Reindeer beers already, today.”  He looked at me, the only person that entered the house without a heavy coat (not to mention, I was steaming from sweat), quizzically.  I found a tall table and went to study my maps to finish the journey to Oakwood and Cockfosters.



A dad with two young girls in tow was at the bar and asked those of us nearby if there was a Subway nearby.  I shrugged and told him I’m just visiting.  Another guy tried to steer him to Southgate Tube Station.  “No, like a place to get a sandwich;” the girls looked excited and hopeful, but it was hard to tell if it was the possibility of a meatball hoagie or the Christmas decorations.

“No, mate.  This is a bar.” I handed him a menu and said, “he’s drunk.  They do edibles here pretty quickly.”  While dad worked on the giant bottle of Magner’s Cider, the girls sipped on a couple of glasses of blackcurrant squash.  The older one, perhaps 6-years-old, kept frowning and looking over at me…behaviour I’ve come to be used to in much older people.  I was gone before their food arrived.



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Spouter’s Corner, Wood Green, London   1 comment


Pub #2024:

I had been running 7 miles since the Drum (and, for that matter, it was 7 to get to the Drum in the first place).  I reached the door of Spouter’s Corner and was removing my gloves when a fellow, who could have easily passed for a welterweight boxer or a small block of flats, was headed in.  Ii reached for the door to let him in and he stepped aside and said, “no, mate, please…after you.”  It was an etiquette showdown but I convinced him that I had a little more stripping to do and might be a mo.



Spouter’s Corner is an unusual Wetherspoon’s if this trip is any indication.  More than half the attendees were dining WITHOUT alcohol of any sort.  Not wishing to be so pretentious, I went for the Plum Porter which, indeed, tasted of fruit and was very nice but not nearly so dark as a typical porter.

The entire visit seemed to be challenging my expectations.



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