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Ogmore Suite, Seabank Hotel, Porthcawl, Mid-Glamorgan, Wales   Leave a comment

Pub #2174:

We first went to the Seabank Hotel for a drink at the Smuggler’s Bar before a concert a couple of years ago and really liked the building so we booked a room there for a brief getaway.  The last night of our stay there was supposed to be a comedian in the bar at 8:30 so we headed down for cocktails only to find the Smuggler’s closed.  “The Ogmore is open,” an employee helpfully noted and we headed over to the other bar.

I’ve been joking about the advanced age of the citizenry of Porthcawl (funny because it’s true); but, we were the youngest hotel guests by at least a couple of decades (a fact that drew attention and, I believe, more generous portions).

So there we were, no shit, in the Ogmore (which I suspect is Welsh for “God’s Waiting Room”) waiting with the ghosts for a comedian who would not arrive (so, maybe “Godot’s Waiting Room”).  They were having Bingo in there, instead, and we finished up the last round to the mellifluous accent of the caller.

We were each fighting a cold when we travelled but it got steadily worse during our stay.  I came to be convinced that we were being milked of our vitality by the building for this hive of ancients.  One case in point came the first evening when an old man drunkenly emerged in front of me and creakily bent to pick up some debris on the carpet.  I cleared my throat, hoping to pass, but he slowly stood not-quite-upright, considered his treasure, then discarded it in a plant pot.  He then turned to me and I realised he was no more than 45 years old…crikey, is this a pensioner’s version of Get Out, or what?

The next morning, I was surveying the coast from our room and realised there were coach trip people milling around a couple of buses.  Oh, I thought, this is a holiday destination for people who have been coming here since the War.  Down at breakfast, they were everywhere.  Our table was near the one set aside for their drivers and some of the old women (identifying themselves as “The Golden Girls,” even though the youngest could have been Bea Arthur’s granny) came over to try to seduce the gents.

We left with full-blown cases of flu, weakened in direct proportion to these women’s increase in libido and vitality.  While possibly unrelated, I’m feeling much better and younger now a few days after leaving.

Oh, the drinks in the Ogmore are dirt cheap and not at all bad.


Crimes Against Humanity   Leave a comment


The Citizenship application, here, includes a lot of potentially disqualifying acts, the specific language being

3.9 In times of peace or war have you ever been involved in, or suspected of involvement in, war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide?

I think the great British public could get behind adding,

Or, have you ever made a decent — or even strong — cup of coffee or given succor to someone who has done so?

That would be the test for belonging here.  Hopefully, that test will not be made retroactive (it’s part of my culture).

{note: this was at the Seabank Hotel…I don’t have data on other Porthcawl locations that will appear, here, in due course}

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HIGNFY Taping 04 October 2018 Elstree Studios   1 comment


The first episode of the new series of Have I Got News For You  was also the first in the new location, Elstree Studios.  We had tickets the night after a weird holiday (so behind on these updates, but generally a freaky trip to be written soon) and just now finished watching the edit out for broadcast.  Really neat to see the crappy set then and now, the way it looks all slick and professional on tele.

Guests were Naga Munchetty and Josh Widdicombe, with regulars Ian Hislop and Paul Merton joined by Alexander Armstrong who is always good.

About five minutes in, there was a power outage on the autocue and the microphones so we got some vaudeville jokes from Paul. Back on, shortly, the rapid news cycle these days makes further description of the content ineffable.



The new location. Elstree Studios, is where Are You Being Served? was shot.  My favourite Bill Murray film, The Razor’s Edge, was largely filmed here as were The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyKick-Ass, and The King’s Speech (I’m a sucker for stuttering stories).  We were across the road and a couple of streets over, but if you threw a cricket ball over these houses just off the path to the rail station you could knock a window out of the Queen Vic on Albert Square.

It took two hours and fifteen minutes from the arrival of the compère to the end of retakes, or four hours from joining the queue to egress. With another hour to return home, maybe this will be the last time.


Presidential Seal T-shirts   1 comment


No sir, thank you.  I’m using the seal on the anti-Trump march, Friday.  More later.


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Seal of the President of the United States   3 comments


“Then you ask why I don’t live here

Honey, how come you have to ask me that?”

quoth the Bobhead, an actual Nobel Prize winner


UPDATES:  Someone made a t-shirt out of this.  Additionally, we used it as an element of one side of our protest placardsStill not my best work, but the kids seem to like it.

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Deuce Bag IPA   Leave a comment

Looks like the summer drinks are here, this one for the DeuceBag in everyone’s life:

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Hillingdon or Hilling-Doom?   1 comment


Walking to the bus from the Co-Op with some still warm bread, I found myself before the Centre of Hope (which, after all the head injuries I have had in nearly 6 decades, is hardly surprising).

The overarching Hope would be to be told to turn right as you exit, for that way lies someone in Glamorise that might do something with your post-brain-surgery mop of hair.  To be sent left (your right, as you face the shops), is to be directed to Adell’s Chemist/Clinic next door or, worse, what lies two doors down.

We’re all eventually going two doors to the left, but I think we’d all prefer to look pretty for a while longer.


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