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Travellers Rest, Kenton, Middlesex   2 comments


Pub #1955:

After the surprisingly unarousing trip to have my butt violated (while the NHS paid the costs!), I was surprisingly hungry and in need of fluid replacement therapy.  The Travellers’ Rest was only a short walk away and I decided to give it a go.



Unfortunately, I arrived before the kitchen opened and was forced to share this hotel lobby-cum-bar with the only other non-staff occupant … a decrepit old man working on his fourth Guinness of the morning.  This visit was kind of my past, present, and future condensed into a hoppy pint of ale and a discussion of the Jeremy Kyle show.

I moved on, soon after, to seek solid food and rest.  Ironic, considering the pub name.




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O’Donnell’s, South Harrow, Middlesex   1 comment


Pub #1938:

Multi-tasking with the run, this time, by doing a few errands whilst treating a hangover.  I picked up some bolts to repair the centre post on our bed which collapsed the previous night (yeah, we’ve still “got it”) and some small items for a garden project on my way to step 4 in the hangover cure prescription.  Steps 1-3 were 1) codeine, 2) a shot of gin, and 3) running a few miles to break a sweat and kick in 1 & 2.  Step 4 was, of course, a pint of lager to rehydrate ahead of 5 more miles to loop back to the house.



O’Donnell’s had escaped my attention thus far so this medical trip made it a welcome discovery.  Unsure of which side of the street to look, I was comforted by the suffering of Their Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ or, as it were, by the awesome carving on Their Church.  But, where was I going to get MY pint?

I turned back to the run and spotted the bar directly across.  “Quiet, today,” I observed.  “Like a crypt, but it’ll fill up for the Man United match, later,” the bartender replied, adding, “Have you been running?”  “Part of the hangover cure,” I noted, then with a lift of my lager, “and this is the last piece of the puzzle.”

A drunken Irishman — but I repeat myself — had been listening and asked what the other steps were.  He agreed with everything but the running so I’ll consider that an endorsement.


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The Wishing Well, Greenford, Middlesex   Leave a comment


Pub #1934:

The new year with respect to vacation days starts on 1 October and I had a day to burn up so there I was on Tuesday with really nothing to do except a short run I had scheduled myself. With Greenford 4.1 miles away, it seemed a good idea to catch the bus down there and have a beer at the Wishing Well before running home.

I got there at 1 minute past the 11 am opening time and there was already an old guy in there waiting for his Guinness to settle and be topped up. Brilliant. I asked for a Fosters and the bartender used her right hand to finish the stout and her left to pour mine all the while jabbering on about a football match the night before.

Mornings in Greenford seem pretty sedate. She eventually got the televisions booted and put on a sport channel where I was confronted with Trump, again, and a crawler with baseball scores (Cubs beat the Cards, magic number down to 1 for the Division title). I finished and walked up to deposit my glass and she rushed over to refill; “no, thank you…I’m off for a run, now.” They both chuckled, unaware of how this works in my world.  Beautiful weather out, I couldn’t have planned it better.



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Home, Ickenham, Middlesex   Leave a comment


Pub #1921:

…and then 2 come along at once.

Home Bar and Kitchen in Ickenham didn’t really call my name when it opened a few months ago.  It looked like it might just be an even more yuppified version of the Fox and Geese it replaced (note that the sign incorporates the old logo, above).  But, running home past it seemed like a nice way to get a few more miles in and, to be fair, I had just gone in for a lunch tipple at another place called Home at noon.  It would almost be irresponsible NOT to go.



Yes, it is very yuppified but in a way understatedly elegant, too.  Nice job on the new bar and the floors are marvelous.

I had a pint of the house “Home-made Lager,” which had no body or flavour.  THERE it is, I thought…THAT’S my metaphor.  It was then that I heard the awful, piped in Muzak.  The beer garden would have been a better choice.

Still, best of luck to them.  The menu looks divine, but I doubt I will ever return.


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Fill a 6-foot-deep hole with 2 parts gin, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part simple syrup…   Leave a comment

At cocktail bars, I’m ridiculed by bartenders when I order something old-style like a Manhattan or a Side-Car.  But, going by the evidence in the Ruislip Cemetery, the Tom Collins is quite literally dead.  R.I.P.

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GB Kebabs, Ruislip, Middlesex   Leave a comment


There is a pharmacy right next to GB Kebab.  This is probably a codicil of the business license.  On the other hand, my gut microbiome will never be healthier or more diverse if I can ever flush away the salt.


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Grims Dyke Hotel, Harrow & Wealdstone, Middlesex   1 comment


Drenched from the rain and steaming with sweat from the uphill jog, I entered the too-nice-for-the-likes-of-me confines of the Grims Dyke Hotel and, yet, no one tried to stop me.

In fact, the bartender was incredibly friendly, insisting that my shabby state was not a problem to me staying inside and continuing our chat about the other pubs in the area, the spectacular beauty of this pile and its surroundings, or, as I had started in on it, the tragic-ironic death* of the original owner (WS Gilbert, of tragic-comic operetta fame).

I finished up in the garden, listening to bird song and almost overwhelmed with the perfumery of the flowers.

*He had often intoned that he would like to die in summertime by this lake.  Check and check.


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