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Clapham High Street to New Cross, Overground Completed, TfL Run Project   2 comments


I’ve complained about the cold frequently this year but we are now a few days into and the chill is brutal. But, Sunday was sunny and I had a thing to do in Brixton and — scheduling with my trading partner being what it is — I only got an early afternoon start to the only TfL run this weekend.




I timed my travel to Clapham North (and, therefore, Clapham High Street) to allow a ten minute run and cider purchase at our usual de facto market. Unfortunately, the Byzantine trading rules we each brought to the endeavour found us changing venue a bit south. Hey ho!


Clapham High Street


A bit of socialising after business had to be cut short and I moved on with a further stop at the Fox on the Hill (write-up soon) and some grand site seeing with this lovely Art Deco brickwork on a nearby housing estate.



I thought this wall was part of a tattoo parlour but it appears to just be for its own sake.



Eventually, Denmark Hill passed.


Denmark Hill


A statue of Catherine Booth adorns the front of the Salvation Army arsenal:



Always looking for metaphor and synchronicity, shortly after the Sallie Army sighting there were these sculptures of a wolf stalking a ram. Read it however you want (there’s an easy gentrification connection here, too).




Peckham Rye, one of my favourite stations since it reminds me so much of Kraainnest in De Bijlmer, required a bit of walking to navigate the crowded pavements.  After that, it was smooth running well past Queen’s Road Peckham.


Peckham Rye

Queen’s Road Peckham


The Asylum Tavern (write-up soon), a pub buried in a park-like street at the edge of the council estates, was a treasure on the way to Surrey Quays and, finally, New Cross.


Surrey Quays

New Cross


That, then, is the last of the Overground.



There remains an exceptionally long run to complete the system (and probably two runs at my current level of fitness and motivation). Here’s this last bits:



And, the system map:


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Mill Hill East to Highbury & Islington, Northern Line and Overground, TfL Run Project   1 comment


Saturday morning brought a desire to do some damage to the remaining bits of the TfL Run Project.  The Northern Line and the Overground have lingered long in this effort and I left the house before sunrise on a bus to Mill Hill Broadway to start.



From beneath the bleak M1 Motorway flyover where the bus terminated, I ran.



Several things made me laugh about this:



Shortly, Mill Hill East emerged and the first segment of the day began.


Mill Hill East


This railway bridge is fairly impressive:



Finchley Central, East Finchley, and Highgate Stations soaked in the sunrise:


Finchley Central

East Finchley



and, a second, more impressive bridge presented itself:



Archway was a bit hard to find (I stood with an advert display between me and the station looking everywhere except where it sits).  Tufnell Park was a little more obvious:



Tufnell Park


I wasn’t sure this place actually existed, but there it was (and is): the Ladies & Gents Bar house in a former public toilet (definitely on the short list, now):



Kentish Town and Camden Town were the last of the Northern Line for the day:


Kentish Town

Camden Town




From there, I looped back up to Gospel Oak to fill in a little of the Overground:



On the way to Gospel Oak, this old public bath, pool, and sauna looked awesome in the early-morning, mid-winter light:



Gospel Oak


Kentish Town West, Camden Road, and Caledonian Road & Barnesbury stood between me and the finish:


Kentish Town West

Camden Road

Caledonian Road & Barnsbury


The Henry Hicks memorial outside the prison was perplexing:



Finally, I made it to Highbury and Islington Station for the ride home.


Highbury & Islington


Watched over by the ghost of Henry Hicks on the walls of the station:



The rest can be done in as few as 2 or 3 runs, now:


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Green Park to Queen’s Park, Piccadilly finished and Overground, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment



The sun now rises early enough for there to be a scattering of natural light by the time you reach the West End on the first Sunday Tube of the morning. Still, there are hardly any tourists out for another hour or so (making this the ideal time to amble through the normally packed pavements of Soho). These streets would otherwise be some of the hardest to manage of the TfL Run Project.




I made my start at Green Park Station, emerging across from the park, proper.


Green Park

It’s Valentine’s Day Wednesday (when I’m finally getting around to writing this entry). The Cupid of Piccadilly Circus is looking for victims. Or, is this a monument to Lionel Shriver?



Piccadilly Circus Station (and the fiery pits of hell) down here.



Piccadilly Circus

I have never noticed this Swiss clock at Leicester Square, but unlike tourists I have places to go and things to do and the manners to recognise that others on the street might also do. Time-based irony, there.




Leicester Square and Covent Garden Stations are remarkably close. It takes more steps to get to and from the platforms of these stations than it does to walk, at street level, between the two.



Leicester Square

Covent Garden


Another sight previously unseen is this majestic Masonic Temple, nearly over to Holborn Station:






This is one of the two oldest Pizza Express franchises (one of the oldest two has live jazz Sunday afternoon, almost making the dreadful pizzas forgivable). I like the topiary aspect of this building:




It has been ages since I last posted a Spectacular London Puke, but this one at Russell Square has good texture and coverage. Bravo (or brava).




Russell Square and King’s Cross/St Pancras were done just before 8 am.



Russell Square

King’s Cross

The Piccadilly Line is now complete:





A short jog to Euston to start a section of the Overground:






It is a long haul to South Hampstead but you can do it through or very near Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill (which is nice). Kilburn High Road, and Queen’s Park are a bit closer goals, thereafter.



South Hampstead

Kilburn High Road

Queen’s Park


Manageable in about four or five runs on the Northern, Waterloo & City, Jubilee, and DLR here is the “remainders” overlay:



Here’s the system map:


Stratford to Islington, Overground/Victoria (finished)/Piccadilly, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment


Even two weeks ago, this run project seemed too big to finish; but, as I prepped for the cold and potentially rainy run ahead this Saturday, the remaining trails seemed entirely tractable. I managed to hit all but a few planned segments today (due in large part to an ugly crowd inside the single pub stop).




I took an early — but not pre-dawn, this time — train to Stratford to start.





The morning sun lit my favourite and least favourite structures on the Olympic Park grounds: the velodrome and the ugly knot.




I encountered a bit of wall art and was so taken by some of the more professional bits that I didn’t frame the shot to tell who it is, exactly, who has herpes (2nd pic). So much for my Public Service credentials.





Hackney Wick Station is under refurbishment conditions.  Homerton looks like a recreation centre in the States:


Hackney Wick



Moving along, a glint of the glazing on this much smaller wall art at the Alfred Heath Centre caught my eye. There are a couple more of these hanging there, as well.





A bit of attention to the path got me to the stations at Hackney Central, Dalston Kingsland (despite having to negotiate the market leading up to it), Canonbury, then Highbury and Islington.



Hackney Central

Dalston Kingsland


Highbury & Islington, 1st Pass


The original plan — to make a loop then pick up the Overground out to Gospel Oak from here — was still in place but was eventually scrapped in the interest of time. So, this would be the last of my Overground segments for the day.




Following the path to King’s Cross/St Pancras for a segment of the Victoria Line, I spotted the station from the east side, close to the front. Running north along that wall, I took one last look back at it before continuing along the Piccadilly Line:



King’s Cross (first encounter)

King’s Cross, last look back


“I am the diamond in the dirt that ain’t been found.”




Loved the Cally Bridge but the station doesn’t count on today’s run. Poop.




A couple of years ago, we were spending a weekend in London and I went out for a pre-dawn run. I get lost with a map, compass, and good light so I was doomed that morning. I went past HMP Pentonville that night, as well…nice to finally get oriented.




Caledonian Road and Holloway Road Stations have some lovely, red-glazed tile work:



Caledonian Road

Holloway Road


My path next took me past what MUST be known as Tourettes Stadium:




You don’t usually think of sport fans as particularly open-minded. But, this statue seems to say, “Football is FAB-ulous!”




Arsenal and Finsbury Park Stations were easy to pick up, next, and there was a pleasant park-like strip adjacent to the mainline rail lines to follow.




Finsbury Park



Turning back south, I left the Piccadilly Line nearly completed as I began the last segment remaining on the Victoria Line.




It was a long-ish segment that showed me the earliest signs of spring:




And, a clock stele commemorating Queen Victoria in a roundabout:




Running later than originally planned, I called it a day as I returned to Highbury & Islington Station (after a brief beer following a long wait at the White Swan).





And, the Victoria Line is finished!




Here’s the system map through today:



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Canada Water to Sydenham, Overground, TfL Run Project   2 comments


The weekend seems to begin with a TfL run, lately.  This time, the end-of-work-week-commute took me to Canada Water Station for a trip along the Overground to shorten the loose ends south to Sydenham.





The area around Canada Water contains at once some of the oldest/most beautiful and newest/most egregious examples of architecture in London.  Here’s Canada Water Station:


Canada Water


Just outside the station, there’s a pond with a commemorative sculpture to the deal porters.  “Deal” is a term for softwood timber used to build temporary bridges and conveyances; the deal porters were some of the integral labour in the construction of the Canada Docks over at the quay.



Very nearby, about ¼ mile south, lies Surrey Quays station.  Katy-cornered across the intersection sits the Surrey Docks pub (write-up soon) where the first, well-deserved break occurred.


Surrey Quays


The journey to New Cross Gate went through some bleak Council estates made all the bleaker by closure of the estate pubs:




New Cross Gate and Brockley were next, shrouded in swarms of school kids blocking up the pavements en route:


New Cross Gate



At Brockley, I paused to shoot this mural of Bob Marley:



And, spotted this beautifully named Viet Namese snack bar around the corner:



Next, as the sun set, Honor Oak  and Forest Hill toppled.  At Forest Hill, the Capitol (write-up to come) slowed the pace a bit.


Honor Oak Park

Forest Hill


Hands up. Don’t shoot,” said Jesus.  Pilate, of course, obliged.  And, no one ever the let the truth get in the way of a good story.



At last, Sydenham.  This end of the Overground is now finished!




And, here we have the current state of the Overground:


And, as always, the system:


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District/Hammersmith & City Finished, Others, TfL Run Project   2 comments


The last TfL run of the weekend started at the break of dawn, Sunday.  Two dangling segments starting at Liverpool Street were followed by another single on the DLR and a trip south along the Overground before taking on some of the Jubilee Line and a Wetherspoons. A good time was had by all (which is to say, me).




The ride to the start was on the first Central Line train of the day, 6:40 am (or whenever the hell the driver decided to actually start, sometime after 6:45). The view south looks like this at that time of day, this time of year:




The first task was completion of Hammersmith & City Line:





At 7:30, I exited Liverpool Street Station and headed into the dawn.



Liverpool Street


On the journey, the back of Aldgate Station seemed worth a photo (or, as it is on too narrow of a street to get it all in one frame, 6 photos knitted into a panorama).




Aldgate East  and the first segment today was also the last segment of the Hammersmith & City Line. I continued from there in the general direction of Tower Hill Station.


Aldgate East


In this architecturally “big” part of town, I have never spotted these fantastic flats, before:






Nor, this particularly dystopian section of the skyline:




The Tower and Tower Bridge helped me get my bearings (note that I am on the wrong side of them, having lost my way once more), Tower Hill Station finally came into sight.




This 2nd segment of the day marked completion of the District Line. Hooray!



Tower Hill





A short jog east and I was able to locate the start of my next section, Tower Gateway Station.



Tower Gateway


This part of the TfL is just a weird little stub of DLR from Tower Gateway to Shadwell (note that I tidied up the mistake on the DLR map from the last write-up):






A brief stop to photograph Shadwell Station (DLR bits) preceded the southward journey starting at Shadwell Station (Overground bits):



Shadwell DLR


Shadwell Overground


The trip down the Overground looks dead simple on the schematic Overground map, but I refer you to the trail map at the top of this article to see what how the shortest path looks.





Ventilation shafts were dotted along the way (there is a deep tunnel under the Thames from Wapping to Rotherhithe Stations):




Wapping  Station seemed to hide from me, but I finally found it:




Aimed the wrong direction for my use, the tunnel entrance with the artistic representation of Lost Souls above and no pedestrian pavement along it:





Dashing around trying to find the part of the tunnel I could use on foot, I spotted this sign and thought, “Mayor Khan can count on me to back this.” It was only back home I realised we mean different things by “acid.”




Finally, I found the Rotherhithe Tunnel north side entrance:





“This tunnel constructed by the London County Council was opened by HRH the Prince of Wales KG on the 12th of June 1908.”  Then “Maurice Fitzmaurice CMG engineer”





The tunnel crosses the Thames at an acute angle to the banks and drops steeply for about 1/2 of the distance before flattening out then climbing to the south side exit. There were signs steering pedestrians to the pavement on the left but I bet I am one of just a handful that crosses this way every year. The car exhaust — even with light Sunday morning traffic — was almost overwhelming.




The steel arches at the south end serve as a vehicular height gauge but are also a display of the state of the art technology used to construct the tunnel:





I continued on and was almost immediately lost again. Finally spotting Rotherhithe Station across a vacant lot, I continued the short, final segment to Canada Water.



Canada Water


At this point, I attacked the remaining western bits of the Jubilee Line; at the end of the day, this left only the most difficult segments to do (Canada Water to Canary Wharf involves a ferry crossing and North Greenwich to either Canary Wharf or Canning Town require crossing inconveniently at the southernmost end of the Isle of Dogs).




Bermondsey Station was a straightforward find.





Just after Bermondsey on the way to a beer break at the Pommeler’s Rest, this statue of Michael Stipe intrigued me:



London Bridge, Southwark, and Waterloo were finished in a workmanlike manner. I grabbed a sandwich in a shop in Waterloo Station and headed homeward.


London Bridge




At the end of this weekend, the remaining bits are here:

And, they overlap the now colourful System map:


Bank to Bank Loop, Northern/Overground/DLR Lines, TfL Run Project   1 comment


At Bank Station 7:30 Saturday morning, I set out to tidy some dangling segments of the Northern Line and Overground as the TfL Run Project continued.



Heading toward Moorgate, the dragons of The City of London Corporation guarded the exit:



The dawn was cold and rainy and I focused on the path religiously, knocking out the Northern Line bits from Bank Station to Angel quickly:




Old Street



If it were easier to travel to any end of the remaining bits, I could finish it in a single trip; but, the Northern Line will probably fall in two modest runs in the next few weeks:




From Angel Station, the next stop was Canonbury a little ways north.  In transit, this old (I’m guessing) cinema caught my eye:



The Overground is still, after all this work already, daunting (shown here with today’s effort included):




Lost in some council estates, I eventually emerged in the suburban paradise, Canonbury.  Still fucking cold and wet, though.




On the way to Dalston Junction, Mildmay Library was a colourful example of 1980’s public architecture:



Dalston Junction and Haggerston were stacked one on the other a half mile apart.  Just follow the elevated tracks:


Dalston Junction



This waterside watering hole looks worth a visit but, alas, not at 8 in the morning:



Hoxton Station had a little more character than the last two:




Across the alley from Hoxton Station:



Shoreditch High Street Station is huge, stretching far down the now East-West tracks (there is a big turn eastward here from the North-South rail I followed for the last several stations):


Shoreditch High Street


Some of the copious (and increasingly commercial) Shordeditch graffiti:



Whitechapel Station is set back from the road while the roadside entrance is refurbished.  Shadwell Station is actually two stations: the Overground and the DLR ones:



Shadwell Overground

And, that’s where I took up with the DLR.  (I don’t know what happened with the map, below, but Canning Town to Lewisham has not yet been completed.)



Shadwell DLR


I got turned around in The City a bit.  Lot’s of construction, two film crews, and some oligarchic or other hyperwealthy security sent me out of my way before I finally took a break in the Crosse Keys.  Then, it was a quick trot to close the loop:





And, there you have it.  Here’s the system map through today: