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Reina Grill, Headington, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


It’s all about the romance with Reina Grill’s small lamb döner kebab.  Friday was my first chance to go here for a lunch since it opened a few months ago.  I didn’t notice the couple getting to First Base when I shot the photo so inflamed with passion for the explicit dining experience before me.  Needing a little more privacy, we left to find a bench near the bus stop.


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Kebab King, Oxford   Leave a comment


Outstanding.  The work canteen had something dreadful and the one at Biochemistry was even worse.  I decided to try Kebab King for the first time in years (since before the Kebab-per-Week Challenge that prompted this thread and this map) and was pleasantly surprised.  Eaten on a fairly quiet — for tourist season — stroll past the Oxford Castle, meat and chips were almost exactly what the weekend recovery called for.


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Off The Hook, Kidlington, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Last Thursday was another unseasonably warm and sunny one in Oxford so I headed up the canal path for a bit of a run.  The podcast I was listening to ended at about 40 minutes and I took the first road thereafter into Kidlington to find some nourishment and a bus back to the labs.  The piece of cod from Off The Hook with just a little more than a splash of vinegar and no additional salt was precisely the right answer to the quick lunch question.  Yum.


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The Crown & Cushion, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2122:

Since I rushed through my pint at the Blue Boar, I had time to get a more pleasantly paced beverage in a, I hoped, more pleasant venue.  The Crown & Cushion was the venue; I ordered then bolted toward the gents to relieve the pressure from the previous four.



I left my glass in the little snug along the route.  It was full of celebrity photos which, on my return, I realised all had Keith Moon in it.  Odd, since he’s from down around Ealing.



Then, there he was, again, on a framed news clipping.



Finally, it all made sense.  Sort of.  I was in his gaff!  I felt that I really should be drinking more, as a result, but my bus wouldn’t wait for me.



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The Blue Boar, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   1 comment


Pub #2121:

Heading from the Chequers toward my bus to Oxford, I reckoned I could squeeze in one more pint.  I held out high hopes for the Blue Boar as yet another well-preserved old pub with a friendly atmosphere and traditional features.



On the other hand, Chipping Norton is infested with yuppies and other, equally soulless beings and they need a sterile place to go where they can be themselves.  I had a cider but saw no need to savour it in a house where society has gone to die.



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The Chequers, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   1 comment


Pub #2120:

Several men an a border collie walk into a pub.  One of them, underdressed for the weather and still a bit sweaty from running around the hilly village, drops off a kebab box for disposal — to the consternation of the dog — then moves over to the fire for life giving warmth.



The pub was the Chequers, the fourth well-preserved and ancient drinking establishment I’ve visited in Chipping Norton (third on that cold, damp Friday now a week hence).  This town is blessed.




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Best Kebab Chicken Burgers van, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   1 comment


After the Red Lion, the rain diminished to a light mist and on my next pass through the centre I decided to stop for some supper at the BKCB van.  The döner meat was an unappealing beige colour but perfectly tasty.  I walked toward the Chequers (write-up soon) as I ate and was soon shadowed by a border collie gazing up at me with love and affection — beggar.  “Don’t be mean,” said a fellow who seemed to know this little tramp; he was right, as I had more than I should eat.

“It’s got chilli sauce on,” I warned as I held aloft the first of several bites we shared.

“Oh, he loves that.  Perhaps he’ll share some with me, as well,” said another fellow that knows the first.  Me and the dog finished our treat then joined the other two as we entered the pub.



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The Red Lion, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   1 comment


Pub #2119:

From the front, there’s no indication a pub exists, but I knew from my maps the Red Lion should be close.   Looking over my shoulder to check bearings, there it was: the smallest pub in the village.  Inside, a perfect little room with a couple of small tables and a bar attended by a young woman — young enough that it was tempting to demand identification — made for a perfect, if claustrophobic, ambiance.



Eventually, there were 15 of us crammed in the house along with a couple of very excited dogs.  One black Staffie wiggled his solid mass back and forth so violently he managed to knock over a chair.  “‘Ere.  Give ‘im some o’ that,” suggested his tender whilst passing a box of dog treats my way over some of the other humans.

Friendly place, the way close quarters must be.  I said no more than a few sentences there but more than a couple of the attendees registered disappointment that I opted out of a refill.  But, I had a couple of more miles I wanted to fit in whilst orbiting Chipping Norton and several more pubs to inspect before returning to Oxford.


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The King’s Arms, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2118:

Usually, Friday is POETS Day, but I had parts strewn all over the lab and couldn’t knit things back together until certain everything was going to pump down completely.  With a couple of hours to kill, I caught the bus up to Chipping Norton for a few pub visits and some snacks.  I started at the King’s Arms Hotel with a pint of Moonlight and some nuts.

Chipping Norton is pretty nice, despite its Tory infestation.  It’s a very idiosyncratic place full of lunatics and eccentrics and if it weren’t so remote (my last visit was for a breakfast beer at the start of a long run in 2010) I’m sure I would join their ranks.

The bar is a bar: pretty enough but, as I have since confirmed, all of them in town are architectural gems.


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The Coconut Tree, Oxford   Leave a comment


Pub #2102:

With recent and ongoing events, I’ve fallen more than a week behind on these stupid write-ups.  Last Thursday, I was dashing to the bus to see if I could keep the kitty alive and comfortable for one more full day (failed, by the way) and spotted the bus at the stop in the distance.  Taking a chance on running for it (wearing heavy, steel-toed work shoes) I got to the door as it was pulling away.  Fuck it, I thought, I can’t outrun this asshole to the next stop (½ mile away) but if anyone is loading a bike I can get there in plenty of time.  I gave it a go.

No one was loading a bike and a puff of exhaust was the only part of the bus I caught.  Parched, I walked a couple of blocks up to the Coconut Tree for a pint of Noble.




Except for some of the wall decorations and the tuppence mural bar (the top spells out “Coconut Tree” in shiny 2p’s), it is indistinguishable from the dreadful Joe Perks (which was far worse than when the same house was known as The Duke, a few years earlier).  Unnoticed in either of the earlier incarnations, the under table coat hook (a necessary-if-not-sufficient sign of a proper bar, even if this one is more of a restaurant, now):



The only customer in the place, I drank up quickly.  Good thing, too, since the next bus arrived only 10 minutes after the previous one (so 5 minutes early).  Nice result, since the bus stops didn’t have time to get fully populated and our ride, unlike the rudely driven one before us, was almost as sparsely populated as the Coconut Tree.


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