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Anti-Trump Protests, 13 July 2018, London   1 comment

Photo credit to @rabbithedge on Twitter. Thanks for this (we’ve boycotted selfies for years, now).


Friday, I got together with 100,000 of my closest friends and made some noise welcoming the President [sic] of the United States of America to our fair city.



In a classically dickish Trump Administration move, the US Embassy issued a safety Alert for American citizens (most of whom, it turned out, were in the crowd with me). I think that, despite the generally festive atmosphere this will have resulted in some morons holing up in their hotel rooms to hide from the inevitable violence in this lawless town.  If it hasn’t happened yet, cue some fat family on Fox News claiming they had to miss a trip to the wax museum because of the angry crowds 1/2 a mile away.  Sad.



We didn’t take a lot of photos and there are plenty of them on the Interwebs already.  The one at the top of this article was one I found of our placards.  In browsing around, however, I haven’t seen a copy of this one:



Here’s a short video for a sense of scale:



Which also caught the eye of some Twitter wags:



Upon arrival at Trafalgar Square, we realised we could not get close enough to hear any of the speeches so I dunked my hat in the fountain to help cool off and we headed to Gordon’s Wine Bar and got stuck into a conversation with a couple of tables worth of first time protesters.  This really was the most civilised of this sort of protest, ever.



Oh, right.  Our placards had my earlier mock-up of the Seal of Il Duce on one side and a modified Time magazine cover on the other, with the original file here for clarity:



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Presidential Seal T-shirts   1 comment


No sir, thank you.  I’m using the seal on the anti-Trump march, Friday.  More later.


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This is What Happens to Russian Spies Who Talk   Leave a comment

Trump associates, take note.

I’ve got this feeling that the timing and setting of this assassination attempt (perhaps successful, by now) in Salisbury was meant as a message sent to witnesses in the FBI probe.  “We can kill you anywhere, anytime,” is what it tells us, even if you’ve holed up in a bucolic, small city in the Wiltshire countryside; just think how much easier it would be to do in a big town like DC or New York City.  The prospect of a lengthy jail term for obstruction will have to be weighed against this new — yet, somehow nostalgic — Eastern option.

It would help explain Nunberg’s meltdown on the news circuit yesterday.

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Super Cux   Leave a comment

The Alt Right infiltration of the grooming industry is a real thing, people. Resist.

“What are we doing today, sir?”
“Give me the Hitler mullet: white supremacy in the front, (Nazi) Party in the Bach.”



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Socialism 2017   5 comments


This weekend marked the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution and our annual trip to the Socialist Party conference and rallies.  Much the same as every year, we were both tempted by the weirder talks like one trying to tie the 1917 Revolution to LGBT+ modern movements; but, in the end we went for one featuring Kshama Sawant (below) on the state of socialism in the States, one on internal and external sabotage to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and potential premiership, and a third one on fighting austerity measures at the local government levels.



Pretty decent talks and the post-presentation discussions were mostly on topic and occasionally interesting and/or informative.

I bought a t-shirt while there, too.  The CWI is the international group the Socialist Party (UK) is affiliated with but I didn’t really get the shirt because of that…


… rather, I spotted the Fruit of the Loom label in the collar and it struck me as odd in this atmosphere of workers’ solidarity that a union busting and third-world-exploiting garment manufacturer was the vendor of choice for this particular piece of haberdashery.  Tut, tut.



In my last year of high school, I worked 11pm – 7am at Dundee Mills in Griffin Georgia for a few months.  The town was famous for supporting the mill owners (Dundee was one of several in this town where 1 in 3 residents worked in cotton-based manufacturing) and even managed to stop the airing of the pro-union film, Norma Rae, in local cinemas lest it stir up the proles.  I was summarily fired a week before Christmas for whistling the ILGWU song, “Look For The Union Label,” as I went about cleaning the electrostatic lint traps in one of the non-24-hour-a-day sections of the building:


Previous conference write-ups are here:

Socialism 2016
Socialism 2015
Socialism 2013
Socialism 2012


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In the age of Trump, Resist-ance is everywhere   Leave a comment

Whilst digging through a basket in the bathroom closet for some floss, this turned up.  Politics is everywhere these days.  Especially happy that this works on “all skin types;” so, the Oompa-Loompa in the White House is not immune.


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Unfortunate Business Name   1 comment


Not at all interested in what’s going on inside this lorry.  And, it’s not just for the dreadful spelling.

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