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Edward VIII Postbox #6 and other Birmingham stuff   3 comments


I went to Birmingham for a job interview because I am sick to my fucking gills of one individual at Oxford who will neither fuck off nor die.  Announcing my intention to leave was supposed to encourage our boss to get him to do the former.  He’ll have to go to the wrong (or right) part of the States for me to have any influence on the latter.  But, a job I could do came up and I put in a half-assed performance today in case neither preferable opportunity arose.

I was also pretty sure the trip would mark my 2000th pub and, while walking toward #1999 I glanced over and spotted the most pristinely preserved Edward VIII pillar I have yet seen (that’s 6, so far).  This MUST be an auspicious sign (but of what?).



I really think I would like it here, too.  From the massive market between the main rail stations to the University was about a 30 minute stroll along the canal.






The job, which I have serious doubts I will get, is in buildings either side of the walk from this sculpture to the tower in the background:

More Brummie stuff in the pub write-ups when I get to them:

The Anchor #1999

The Woodman #2000

The Square Peg #2001

The Peaky Blinders #2002



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Notting Hill Carnival 2017   1 comment


We went to the Notting Hill Carnival to drink beer (check), listen to loud music (check), look at mostly undressed folks (check-a-roonie), and to eat some Carribean food (check).



I didn’t take a lot of photos after the crowd grew almost unmanageable so this is what you’ll get from this page (apologies, but just image search “Notting Hill Carnival 2017” and you’ll find whatever it is you think you want).


We weren’t as drunk as the Iggy Pop looking mofo, above, but not because we didn’t give it the ol’ college try.  His dance was really not as impressive as the copper whose video turned up viral this morning.



While the crowd probably contained every black person within 500 miles, this is London so (despite racists moaning about being overrun) it was a fairly pale shade, overall.



I was excited to find an ornate VR postbox (my effort to prove myself the whitest guy at the Carnival, according to Jackie):



And, the home of one of the founding paraders:



The Grenfell disaster weighed on everyone’s minds and there were tributes to the victims throughout (and, miraculously, an actual minute of silence in this loudest of London parties).



That’s not why there was so much smoke in the next picture.  We imbibed in a modicum of hash before travel, but we could easily have sustained a contact high everywhere we went.  “Mahr-ree-wanna, mahr-ree-wanna…like the Bob Marley, mon,” intoned one street salesman as we pushed through a crowd.  That and the hundreds of jerk chicken and goat curry stands on almost every street left our clothing reeking of char.



The food was grand, too.  J had the goat and I had the chicken (contributing to the avian holocaust wherein more chicken is consumed in 2 days than in the whole rest of the London year).  I also had these numbers handed me on the Tube the day before:

16,000 coconuts
400 goats
15,000 plantains
70,000 litres of carrot juice
10,000 litres of Jamaican stout
25,000 bottles of rum.

I believe it.


Entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood rent out their toilets for £3 a go (£5 if you want to jump the queue).  The dry compost loos provided by the borough make it an understandable (if not justifiable) luxury.



The first and last — the Alpha and Omega, if you will — stands we saw were this troupe of God Botherers:



One of them — at the far left of the photo — gave me a leaflet with a long, preachy cartoon.  Distilled, below, are the bits I thought I could use here (but opted not to bother):


Edward VIII Postbox #5, and Chorleywood, Hertfordshire run   3 comments

I took a break from the A2Z Runs this week and just caught the Metropolitan Line out nearly to its limits.  There was a Red Lion to visit not too far away and in the opposite direction a splendid — and splendidly named — pub called the Land of Liberty, Peace, & Plenty.  (pub write-up links as soon as I get around to them)

The route I took (mapped, below) was hillier than I’m used to and the upper respiratory infection that grounded me for four days is lingering making the effort something more of an effort than it should be.

I had just reached a flat point ahead of a long downhill segment and off to my right I spotted a post box.  The royal cipher only clicked with me a few steps along and I had to double back.  Crikey!  This is the first one I’ve found entirely on my own…in the wild, and all.  An Edward VII postbox used to be the Grail, and now they are just dead common.

I’m up to five E8R postboxes, now, four of them this year within about 10 miles of my house!  Find this one on Haddon Road at Shire Lane, Chorleywood.  The most recent previous one was in Nunhead a couple weeks back, and the ones before that were on the P for Postboxes Run.  More to come, soon…I can just feel it.


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Edward VIII Postbox and other Nunhead Thingies   2 comments


After the visit to Nunhead Cemetery, we headed toward Peckham Rye and along the way I found yet another Edward VIII postbox (my fourth)!  More about these on the A to Z (P) Run write up.

As a bonus, there was also a really nice Victoria Regina cypher on a subsequent postbox:



Find them both in Nunhead near the dog escaping the park:


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London A to Z Runs : P   9 comments


P is for Postboxes: Edward VIII postboxes to be specific (something of an obsession with me) and, fortunately for this run there are more in London than anywhere else in the country.  I haven’t contacted these people (Letter Box Study Group) but it is good to know (I keep telling myself) that I’m not the only postbox obsessive in this country (and bear in mind that the leader of the Labour Party is a manhole cover enthusiast).




And, so it came to pass that this episode of the A to Z runs took me to East Finchley Station (above), to start ticking off these rare trophies.  Just out of the station, I thought I encountered a crossing of the the London LOOP but on inspection found that it is the Capital Ring Trail (and, I noted it for a future series):



The first was less than a quarter-mile from the station and I topped it with my 2009 England Cricket cap.  This one seems to have endured some welding repairs over the years:



A gentle hill rise took me into Finchley where the Pardes House School caught my attention and, by stopping to photograph the grand building, I caught the attention of several congregants either there as parents, teachers, or maybe just awaiting Shabbat.  I must have appeared harmless enough, though.



I had already stopped at the Old White Lion by this time and had targeted this neighbourhood for my second pub stop.  To be fair, I lost my dignity ages ago and regularly discard what little grows back.  But, the pub called Dignity is now a chicken place so no one here can claim to have Dignity anymore.  I had to settle for a place called the Catcher in the Rye.



There is also a claim that there is an Edward VIII pillar box outside Mill Hill East Station (visited on the N for Northern Line run).  This is blatantly untrue and has been so for quite some time.  The ancient Betty II box is in need of paint and has obviously been repainted several times before.  It’s as if you can’t trust anything you read on the Interwebs, anymore.  Disappointed, but with one more within the region I printed maps for I continued on.



In the Deep South, most people pronounce my hometown, Atlanta, as “Aa-Lannah,” but there are a few, especially around Macon, Georgia, that call it “Lanta.”  With no one around to ask about this place, I leave it to you to research (but heed my Interwebs warning).  And, if you want to practice a North Central Georgia (USA) accent, you could do worse than starting with this little article I published a few years back.



There were several grand looking cemeteries on the route but the Hendon Crematorium was pretty tantalizing:



After a pub stop at the Greyhound, I finally closed out the postbox hunt with this well-maintained example on Elliot Road:



The plan had been for 3 E-VIII-R boxes and 3 pubs but with one bogus box I had to make up the difference with an extra pub stop (damn the luck!) at the Hendon before heading home.  Hendon Central Station was the official finish:






Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 8: (bonus) Mystery Postbox   2 comments

[Note: all the Hull-idiz tourism posts are linked here.]

On my hangover walk in Hull I spotted this rarity: a postbox without a regal signifier (VR for Victoria, GR for George V, EIIR for our Betty, EVIIIR for the hardest ones to find, etc).  My eyes weren’t working to well yet, still adjusting to the light and the alcohol poisoning induced brain damage.  As such, I thought the graffito on the side rudely said “Fuck the Welsh,” and was pleased to see it more clearly in the photo.

If you are new to these pages, postboxes are something of an obsession.  Read the previous posts, here.


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Running Week in Review 15 February 2015   4 comments

Last week here, and

Next week here

Another week, another batch of runs, and with no virgin pubs on any of the routes there wasn’t much imagination with regard to the drink…and, speaking of drinking and running [for office] Drunken Bunny Liqueurs has made an unsolicited endorsement of Al Murray’s candidacy for Parliament in Thanet South:

FUKP advert

           Plan          Actual
Mon    x-train           hair of the dog
Tue      4                   4.2 (Jack Straw lane loop, Oxford)
Wed     8                   7.2 (river/Wolvercote/Marston loop)
Thu      4                   5.8  (river/Woodstock Road loop)
Fri       rest              stitches out, stretching and weights
Sat       8                   8.3 (rail trail, muddy pastures, and West Wichel loop)
Sun     17                  16.99 (missed it by that much…Old Town to Faringdon with a G-Had detour)

for a planned total of 41 miles and actual net of 42.5 (plus another 25-30 walking around…I really need to get a new bicycle).  The Current Events artefact of the week’s jogs — considering the infestation of Swindon by Mutant Super Rats — had to be this graffito (spotted Saturday):

2015-02-14 graffito

Wednesday revealed the touristy find of the week, this Penfold postbox (standard between 1866 and 1879 … many of the remaining ones have been listed as Grade II buildings).  This unusual design is the first that really caught my eye since I ticked the last of the monarchs off the list.  Apparently, these are quite rare.:

Hexagonal Victoria Pillar

On Sunday, the long run entailed a visit to Watchfield, a village I would normally approach from the west, south, or east via a bus stop; but, I decided to loop north to get to it today.  Largely, this was because I expected to find (and of course did find) prelaid trail which is always an abomination but especially so during the week long remembrance of the Prophet G’s martyrdom; also, there hadn’t been a successful G-Hadist flour bombing in the month of February and the month was more than half over … as they say, ‘needs must.’

After correcting trail for the hashers the run continued to The Swan in Faringdon with the intention of a flight of beers — drinking and running the way the gods meant it to be — but I arrived at 11:25 to find the place shuttered till 12 and the next hourly bus to Swindon bearing down so I raced it back to the town centre and settled for a Belhaven Stout in the always copacetic Beehive…then, having made friends with Grant, a regular there and self-professed Ted, wound up having another and discussing early American rock and roll (best pub conversation in weeks).

Next week, I promise some new pubs with an out-of-town day trip and roughly 44 total miles planned…and maybe a bit more G-Hadding.

Belhaven Stout after at the Beehive

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