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This Bank Holiday Weekend I Have Been Mostly Listening To …   1 comment

  1.  The Beasts of Bourbon.  I didn’t know about these guys before Spencer P Jones slipped this mortal coil.  I’m not at all hip, but he was.  Instead, I was perusing the Death Pool to see just how badly I was doing against the other ghouls (currently #41 in my funeral home with the 44 points I got off Winnie Mandela), and he came up as one of the celebs I didn’t know, but should have.  When I saw the band name, I had to have a listen and it turned out to be quite moreish.  Brilliant stuff, including this cover of Psycho by Leon Payne (the Elvis Costello version is aces, too).


2. The Fish Police.  We went to the Smithfield Market 150th Anniversary Sunday and it was rainy and cold and full of children and absolutely dreadful save for the Fish.  We got home cold and wet and miserable and both of us had their tunes stuck in our heads.  Definitely the highlight of the day.



3.  Siddha yoga chanting.  I have this hour stripped to mp3 to go along with a wait for the sacrament to take.  You understand this or you don’t.  It doesn’t have to be Hindu, it could be the Rolling Stones or Louis Prima or Vivaldi.  But, it isn’t…THIS weekend.


4.  Richmond Fontaine‘s “Don’t Skip Out On Me.”  Willy Vlautin, singer/songwriter/ostensibly the leader of this band is rapidly becoming Jackie’s favourite author (and she reads voraciously).  She picked this up at HMV trying to keep her club card points up and it is an absolute delight (entirely acoustic, it is meant to accompany one of his novels called, strangely enough, Don’t Skip Out On Me — as an erstwhile soundtrack.  Good accompaniment to dinner, as well.


This Week I Have Been Mostly Reading …   1 comment


I don’t have many people at work I consider friends and one of them left the labs for good, yesterday, frustrated by the nonsense in the University, the Department, the lab and his research group.  He lasted nearly 2 years before The Great Funk (not the good kind, either) set in.  The brightest burn out the quickest (while a dim bulb like meself carries on toward the 10 year mark).  We didn’t have many conversations but every one of them was engrossing, intense, and completely free range (not free ranging, but free range, like chickens pecking at the soil).  During one of these, an offhand comment about acid during a longer discussion of one of my frequent head injuries (the one where I was struck by a falling tree whilst running in a snowstorm near Athens, Georgia) stuck with him; not a tripper himself but open to it, he applied his freakish eidetic memory to a choice of parting gifts and presented me with Michael Pollan’s How To Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics.  I am touched by this unusually thoughtful gift and I hope he knows how much I will cherish it (not least because I was going to buy it for myself when it comes out in a trades/paper edition).

I have also been reading my twit feed fairly regularly and recently added Existential Comics to list of followed accounts.  This is a recent one, typical of the genre:



The Dream Is Gone…   1 comment

Drunken Bunny Blotter

It isn’t just that I won’t be getting my hands (or more importantly my head) on the acid in the clinical trial (I guarantee you the Dead Family acid we used to have in obscene quantities exceeds anything Big Pharma can supply).  It’s the loss of the SITUATION that I mourn.

I got through the Principal Investigator’s screening for the LSD study.  The clinician called and I got through that screening, as well, even getting dates for preliminary bloodwork and two 3 day clinical trials.  Then, she wanted to check my penicillin allergy with the attending physician who pulled the plug on things.

Fucking PENICILLIN! Shit.

Okay, anyone who has gone into anaphylaxis is a risk but my doctor at the time (1965, by the fucking way) was a quack.

So, there you have it. The life long dream is over (no, seriously, I have longed since, as a child, reading about Kesey and deciding right there and then I wanted to participate in a clinical trial of pharmaceutical grade LSD — and all the weirdness that entails).

I am depressed:

Dreams do come true, kids…just not this one.

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Who says dreams don’t come true?   2 comments

“Who says dreams don’t come true?”

This was Jackie’s response to this, which a lab mate pointed out to me today:

Eleusis poster

If you know me, personally, the answer to your question is, “of course.”

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