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Loughton to Barking Bank Holiday Run   3 comments

Essex Run


Beautiful Bank Holiday Monday for a run through Essex, yesterday.  Jackie had to work so I rode down with her then continued out to Loughton.


Loughton Tube Stop


I expected the borderlands to be populated with the sort of neckless goons caricatured on Monkey Dust, but this area was fairly affluent and dully middle-class.  As the day progressed and the run moved south, this was all corrected.


Loppin Hall Loughton arch

So, pending are write-ups on the Last Post (Loughton), the Old Maypole (Chigwell), the Great Spoon of Ilford and the Papermaker’s Arms (both in Ilford), and the Spotted Dog (Barking).  I also managed a bit of fish from a chippy in Barking and felt unusually at home in the neighbourhoods from Ilford to the end.

The Tube back was jam-packed till Notting Hill Gate (the Carnival, of course) so the ride back was mostly standing and exhausting after all the heavy lifting at the pubs (and nearly 11 miles running).

Fugly Cat advert



Baker Street to White City via Kensal Green and the Grand Union Canal   2 comments

2016-08-26 Baker Street to White City run


Fridays are turning into my weekly City run as I stay on the coach from Oxford down to, yesterday, Baker Street.  From the stop, York Street to Chapel dumped me on the wharf of the Grand Union Canal, the towpath of which was crowded but not nearly so much as I expected on a warm Friday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend.  I’m already planning to do this as a much longer run within the next year as well as completing the missing segments of the Thames Path (since I got a good start on it from the source to below Didcot over the last few years).

The Notting Hill Carnival is this weekend so barricades were going up in Ladbroke Grove up to about the end of Kensal Green Cemetery.  Still, the corral effect didn’t make the other pedestrians much more of a hazard than they typically are.  After that, the run down Scrubs Lane made me feel pretty nostalgic for Atlanta — not the Atlanta of magnolias and “hey y’all,” but industrial hell hole Atlanta … Knight Park and Cabbagetown.  Gorgeously blighted.  Also, I was primed for this after my beer choice in the Union Tavern, a Five Points Pale, referred to two different areas in old Marthasville.

My map showed HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs*, the Victorian prison that once housed Pete Doherty and that featured in the Ronnie Barker series Porridge, but I’ll have to go back for the architectural splendor (you can’t see it from the road I was on).  You also can’t see a pub from White City Station, either; the nearest one was the Pavillion, a half mile before.

*If it isn’t in your head, already, The Jam’s “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight” also has a Wormwood Scrubs reference.

Pavillion Shepherds Bush White City Tube Station

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Tube Stations (Catch Up 2016-08-20)   Leave a comment

Ruislip Station looking east

A morning on the Ruislip westbound platform.  There’s a grand foot bridge looking the other direction but the glare of the sun precluded a decent shot.  The nearest decent shot of liquor would be the Crock of Gold, around the corner.

Harrow-on-the-Hill station

Harrow-On-The-Hill is down at the bottom of said hill.  You can catch a real train here, or switch to the Metropolitan line heading to Watford, or you can go to a fantastic, secret little Irish local called Ward’s or the much less interesting (or fun) Royal Oak.

Finchley Road Tube

Here’s a pro-tip: know the stations nearby if you are going to have to change Tube lines.  I just missed a northbound Jubilee train at Kilburn which would have allowed me to change to the Metropolitan line at Wembley Park, 4 stations along.  The next train was in 7 minutes but there was a Southbound pulling up as I reached the platform so 2 stops down I caught a Finchley Road and immediately boarded a Metropolitan (next stop Wembley Park…I actually arrived ahead of the Jubilee train I missed).

Digital commute

Look at these dickheads.  Just look at them.  This is a composite of three shots and the ones at the seams haven’t moved nor has the woman on the far left (third shot but whose reflection can be seen in the first, on the right).




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Gardeners Arms, Uxbridge, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 26)   1 comment

Gardeners Arms Uxbridge


Warm, summer day out for a run after the dreadful Red Lion, I pushed a little harder than normal to reach the Gardeners Arms.  It was worth the effort.

“Izzit hot out?” the postie asked this sweaty American.

“I think it might be raining,” I answered.  The barmaid, setting aside her shot (of Sambuca with something orange floated above it) for a moment, added, “can’t you see he’s been swimming?”

“You’ve been running, haven’t you?  The Old Bill after you?”  You know you’ve found a decent bar when everyone is so bored with each other that they pile on the first stranger to come along.


Gardeners Arms Uxbridge bar

I went out and, in turn, half the assembly came out to chat; one of them picked up the copper line of inquiry and told a fucking funny story about some guy that dashed in and hid out with The Man in hot pursuit.  I could easily have stayed the night except I had a delivery scheduled for 8 pm back in Ruislip (but this is definitely one to return to).  The menu board looked awesome and several tables of feasters were digging into plates piled with delicious looking and smelling treats.  Oh, yeah, and the drunks are awesome.

The short run to the Uxbridge Tube Stop cleared my head a bit and I remembered that I’m documenting my Underground experiences as well.  The Uxbridge Station is just like an abattoir.  This posting, on the other hand, is just like another in the series “August 2016 Pub Per Day.”

Uxbridge tube

Tube Stops   1 comment

2016-08-14 run North Acton Tube

North Acton Station after the Sunday run

Don’t know why this hasn’t occurred to me earlier.  I should document the Tube!  Another guy beat me to the idea of Tube Station Pub Crawl (and did a much better job than I would have), but I just like Public Transport and the Underground and this seems a natural fit…besides, I think I probably have him beat nationwide.


2016-08-14 run Northolt Tube

WTF? Had to change trains at Northolt (I just want to go home and get a bath)


I won’t put one in until I have a photo from the platform so there are a lot of these I’ve already visited that I need to return to (damn the luck).  On the other hand, I already had this batch done back in 2010:

These from 30 May 2010 Birthday Run:
Kings Cross
Euston Square
Great Portland Street
Baker Street
Regents Park
Warren Street
Notting Hill Gate
Marble Arch
Lancaster Gate
Oxford Circus
Bond Street
Tottenham Court Road
Covent Garden
Leicester Square
Piccadilly Circus
Green Park
South Kensington
Gloucester Road
Hyde Park Corner
St James Park
Sloane Square
Mansion House
St Pauls
Liverpool Street
Russell Square


Safely back at Ruislip Gardens

Safely back at Ruislip Gardens. 227 to go.

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Melissa Cafe, Victoria Coach Station, London   Leave a comment

Mellissa Victoria Coach Station cod


The Vogon with the clipboard welcomed me to the bus to Swindon then frowned at my takeaway container. “Is that Hot Food? No, no, no, we’ll have to store that with the luggage; it can’t go in the passenger area.”

I had three minutes to head back to the waiting room and wolf down the still sizzling and, I hope, delicious piece of cod (my second of the day) I bought at Melissa Cafe around the corner. What an ignominious end to Towel Day!


Mellissa Victoria Coach Station

(Note: this post is a continuation of the 2014 Chippy Challenge, with all related entries linked to this map)

Station Jim, Slough, Berkshire   1 comment

Station Jim Slough


What does Slough have that Swindon doesn’t?  A 120 year old stuffed dog in the train station for one thing (that’s 840 in dog years).


Station Jim Slough info card


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