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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 6: Signage   2 comments

[Note: all the Hull-idiz tourism posts are linked here.]

I awoke Sunday certain I must have said something like Dylan Thomas’ last words (“I’ve had 18 straight whiskies……I think that’s the record”).  I was afflicted with the kind of hangover that, when you see signage in Arabic, you wonder if it is just brain damage or maybe you’ve found your way to the Qatar during your black out.  The ones, above, were on some council towers near my room and probably just said, “Resident parking only.  No ball games.”  Still, it seemed prudent to take photographic evidence in case I need to see a neurologist later.



The day before, I stumbled upon The Land Of Green Ginger and the George Hotel with one of the tourist items that, while recommended by a native who works in my lab, didn’t interest me enough to seek out (but it is probably somewhere near the sign).



I wasn’t sure about this block in the pavement but there’s a dirty joke in it if you just lower your standards a bit.  Go ahead, I’ll wait:



I really should start a “trademark infringement” tag.  “You’re out of parmesan! You’re out of parmesan! The WHOLE PIZZERIA is out of parmesan!”



From the absurd to the poignant, the X could be from a Brexiteer or a Remoaner.  At least we’re all one, again.  Similarly, up here you see a lot of Union flags and a lot fewer St George flags as if to say to the neighbours to the North that we’re better together, just not with those European bastards.



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Smoke Outlets   Leave a comment

No outlet

Although the outlets are now mostly sealed, these used to be a thing; so much so, in fact, that they are still found every 10 feet or so along most of the streets around Holborn in London.  Or, on occasion, every 20 feet or so.


smoke outlet

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Meals that might have been   1 comment

may have been burgers


The lab mess (known here as the ‘Atrium Cafe’) has started putting up a weekly menu.  Probably a typo in the Wednesday vegetarian slot although, having eaten here a bit in the past, I could also see it as “might once have been burgers.”  Bin Burgers might work, as well.  Really makes me wonder what’s in Friday’s Pee Soup.

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How would you like to live forever?   1 comment

2016-03-29 Christadelphian Sign

Heading into the April Fools’ weekend, the Christadelphians plan to discuss the above. “If an offer sounds too good to be true…” no, wait, that’s not it. Maybe Sgt. Dan has some thoughts:

USMC Museum

Coastal Run and Hike (Porhcawl) and Bernie Shirts   2 comments

2016-03-17 run map Porthcawl

Out of the hotel for a hangover clearing run at sunrise, I passed in front of the Coney Beach Fun Park.  A recent mention of Beavis and Butthead in another blog was not responsible for the following photo choices (but, merely, my own juvenile sense of humour):

seaside fare Porthcawl

What makes this an American Diner?  Security cameras on all four corners:

seaside fare Porthcawl 3

Eat me?  Cherry popping? Is this a gelato shop or a swingers’ club?

seaside fare Porthcawl 2

The run worked its therapeutic magic and took me around this largely suburban burg (very middle class compared to Bridgend just up the road which looks like a dying town…1/3 of the shops closed and many of those remaining are charity shops or betting parlors).

Heading down the coast together on a hike after my run and a spot of breakfast in a café, we found many eye-catching sites:

acrobat sculpture Porthcawl

The geology of this part of the coastline is beautiful and daunting to cross:

coastline Porthcawl 1

There’s surfing in some parts.  Not exactly the Banzai Pipeline but they seem to be having fun:

coastline Porthcawl 2

Flower memorials were all along the beaches:

coastline Porthcawl 3

We followed the Coastal Path about 5 miles out then returned for some lunch ahead of the trip home.  Safely back in Swindon we found that this had been delivered from a friend in the States (I’ll still meet you for that beer if anyone wants to take me up on the original offer):

Bernie shirt 1

Dogs On Patrol and Philosophy and Logic of Signage in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Dogs On Patrol Defense Academy

How do you get one of these signs?  You’d have to be mighty fast, even if you could clear the security fence.  Hmmm….

Dog sign 2


Okay, that was easy enough.  I’ve also been working my way through Principia Mathematica by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, so when I spotted this other sign on the same run as harvesting the doggie sign I was momentarily mesmerized:


By order of the Shrivenham Magistrates

This would be much more succinct put into logical notation, vis

∀ x = [(I ∨ D) ∈ P] ⊂ [(F ∧ A) ∩ S] ⇒ ƒ(x) = LΜ


I = Idle
D = Disorderly
P = the set of all Persons
F = found
A = apprehended
S = the set defined as the Parish of Shrivenham
LM = the Law as administered by the Magistrates of the Parish

Due to several questions sent in via the Interwebs, I’ll translate this statement…roughly, it reads,

“For all x defined as Idle OR Disorderly that are contained in the set of all Persons and a subset of those Found AND Apprehended intersecting with Shrivenham will be subjected to the operand, ƒ, which is the Law as Administered by the Magistrates of the Parish.”

Math geeks, please correct my notation.

Fortune Cookie Road Sign   Leave a comment

A prediction, a warning, a koan…what the hell is this?

Changed Priorities

[Spotted on the morning run.]

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