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Suggestion for Have I Got News For You   Leave a comment


To the production team at “Have I Got News For You“:

Use the Comey Memo redactions for the “Missing Words Round.”  Come back in a few months (or years) to give the correct answers (once the redactions are declassified).


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Have I Got News For You taping 20 April 2017   4 comments

I should have foreseen the course of the evening when I boarded the Jubilee Line tube train. “The Jubilee Line is now closed between Finchley Road and Waterloo. Passengers are advised to use the Bakerloo Line to Waterloo or find other transport alternatives.” The walk from the Bakerloo to the Jubilee platforms in Waterloo Station is roughly the same as from Waterloo to Southwark (my destination on the Jubilee Line).

We eat at this Italian place near Waterloo Station when attending things near Jackie’s job. Our plates arrived and Jackie’s cannelloni looked okay but it had too much cheese (“Italian food for the English palate” she later remarked). A lovely plate of risotto was placed in front of me. “This isn’t mine.”

“Yes, is yours.”
We were under the clock for the start of the show. “I’ll take it but it’s not what I ordered.” Without asking what it was that I HAD ordered she took both plates away then returned, apologetically, in a couple of minutes with my arrabbiata. Okay, I guess, but this place really shines when there is a set menu on offer.

The metaphor stalked us to the television studio and feasted on our carcasses the rest of the night. Jackie had a migraine earlier and was about 2/3 full of codeine; I developed one about an hour into taping.



We have been trying to get tickets for a taping of HIGNFY since October 2001 when we were in Amsterdam for my post-doc interview and the Amsterdam Marathon.  That episode featured Rich Hall and before we returned to the States, we saw another that had our current MP and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and both times we laughed as though we had eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms a couple of hours before the airing — odd coincidence, that.

Tonight’s show was chaired by Patrick Stewart and, as always, featured team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton.  Richard Osman and Angela Eagle (who staged an unsuccessful coup against Jeremy Corbyn, last year) were supposed to be their respective team mates but Eagle, as is her wont, panicked in the face of overwhelming opposition of her own making and bolted from the fight.  She was replaced by the game but supremely unsatisfying Camilla Long.

It took 3½  hours to do the ½ show (plus a few retakes because Stewart seemed addled and was unable to read the prompter nor even respond as though sober).  Ian and Paul also seemed a bit slow but Osman was almost up to the task.

It’s fun to watch how these shows are made, though.  With any luck, we’ll get in again in fewer than 15 years this time.

Hole in the Wall, Lambeth, London   Leave a comment



Tucked under some railway viaduct arches across from Waterloo Station sits the Hole In The Wall, a fairly functional pub and quite likely Jackie’s local when she switches jobs to the neighbourhood in a couple of months.





We weren’t scouting her drinking venues, though. We were in the city for the taping of The Fake News Show, a one-off panel/comedy/current events programme from Hat Trick Productions, providers of the long running series Have I Got News For You (which I have been trying to get tickets for a taping of since I first saw this episode in 2001 on my interview trip to Amsterdam). I got priority tickets to the evening’s recording due to a cancellation but we lingered at the pub and were next to last in the priority queue for the show that was overbooked by 10 seats. To compensate, they are giving us first priority seating at a recording of HIGNFY, so this actually worked out better for us in the long run.

At the pub, we watched some of England v France in the 6 Nations Rugby tourney while I enjoyed a Pink Floyd themed beer (because when in The Wall, what else would you choose). After our early release from the television studio, we sought food at the nearby Cuban (hour and a half wait for a table) and Mexican (45 minutes) but settled on a very good Italian in view of the giant roundabout hosting the BFI’s Imax.




I understand there is folk music live on Sundays in the pub and Jackie will probably be there weeknights waiting out the commuter rush. Stop and say hi. Here’s a map.


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