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Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministries, New Cross, London   1 comment

I took this photo on New Cross Road while exploring a the neighbourhoods around the site where Jackie was interviewing for a job. I wholly intended to make fun of the quaint storefront Christian church until I read up on them a bit. Not only backward but truly scary motherfuckers, this lot (I don’t think they’ll have a problem with me calling them “scary”).

They claim their church is “where your hands are trained to wage war and your fingers to do battle,” and with sub-groups such as God’s Violent Army and the Territorial Intercessors there is no reason to doubt their resolve. They hunt witches, for fuck’s sake…WITCHES.

Here’s a copy of a well circulated list of rules for couples planning to marry within the church. Good stuff:




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London A to Z Runs : T   4 comments

T is for Towpaths and Friday I covered a section of canal and a short segment of the River Brent on one, from Hayes Town to West Ealing in a continuation of the London A to Z project.  If I was doing a Theme, it would be bridges; instead, here are the run photos in order from Tip to Tail:



The canal seemed really healthy compared to my last encounter with this section,  with simple plant growth all along the way.  I felt compelled to go check out the water beneath this first bridge since the shade and reflections made it look as if nothing was growing there, but it was an optical illusion.  180° around, some fairly nice blocks of flats (especially for this part of town) arise across the water.



Just under the next bridge, the forlorn Nestlé plant appeared.



Crossing the boundary between the Boroughs of Hillingdon and Ealing, Ealing claims responsibility for the subsequent bits.  The maintenance of the marker should be a clue:



There are helpful and informative notice boards:



Just after this bridge you enter the inland island of Southall, surrounded by waterways albeit some mere trickles:



The waterlilies are as Monet might have imagined:



I got fairly close to this heron before I spotted it.  An instant later, it flew off:



My first pub stop was near this bridge, at the Old Oak Tree.  Had I known what I know now, the run could have been T for Tarts (but I’ll save that story for the pub write-up).



Yet another attractive bridge followed:



And, another, this one with family friendly decorations:



Approaching the second pub, the Lamb, just after this bridge, I spotted the Southall Sikh Temple:



Then, a rusty foot/bike bridge:



And, more signs of riparian civilisation:



The laundry basket and the nearby long boat named “Oblivion” brought to mind my visit to Dismaland.



Approaching the River Brent, a flight of locks drops the elevation significantly:



This marker made me laugh but I am really immature:




Now, this bridge is pretty impressive…not the one above, but the one that the path is on.  The entire canal and towpath are on a flyover above the railroad far below:



Pretty neat, huh?



The other side of the wall, here, is the old county asylum.  Still a mental hospital, the access arch to the canal has been sealed off — it used to be the source of coal for the extensive estate of wards.



To the right, the canal; to the left the River Brent.  The rain sewer at the lower left drains the streets around pub number three of this run, The Fox.



After the Fox, I doubled back to traipse the River Brent path adjacent to the hospitals.  It was still early, so I crossed the Brent, again, and had one final stop at the Viaduct.

I’m stuck for what to do with U, for the next run.  Thinking Upminster but it is kind of remote ….



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The Hand in Hand, Streatham, London   1 comment


Leaving the Sultan, I couldn’t decide whether to run north to Brixton Station and take the Tube all the way home or to go south to Streatham Hill Station and do National Rail (a bit quicker, sometimes).  Both options would require a minimum of two changes.

I often find, in these times of indecision, that meditating on the task at hand over a pint helps.  And, lo! There was a pub just a few steps away!  How convenient.



The Hand in Hand looks large from the outside.  It is large on the inside, as well, and the characters sipping on beverages this close to opening time were as you might expect: focused on the task at hand.  I took my thoughts and Carlsberg out front to watch an old guy water the plants (not a euphemism) and a woman wait with her granddaughter for a ride that was late when I first arrived and had not shown by the time I left on a southerly course.



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The Sultan, Streatham, London   2 comments


My pub run around Streatham had gone well save for the fact that most of the pubs did not open by (or even nearly by) their published hours.  The most recent liars were at the 5 Bells (fuck them) but since it was after noon I reckoned I would trot up to the most intriguingly named pub on my map, The Sultan.  Barely 300 meters outside the borders of Brixton, it is still technically a Streatham Hill pub (although Brixton — especially this southern extreme that could also claim Clapham if it wanted — carries a bit of cachet to it, exotic like the pub name itself).



I was in a hurry for lunch and an early afternoon train, the bartender seemed busy with petty bureaucratic details, and there were no other customers for me to accost so I took my lager to the garden and watched some scaffolding arise next door.  One of the workers on the unfinished framework threatened whilst miming the emptying of a pint, “I’ll be down to join you in two ticks, mate,” but I finished my beverage in solitude.



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The Crown and Sceptre, Streatham, London   2 comments


The run started at the north end of the Streatham Archipelago in Streatham Hill because there was a Wetherspoons handy for the morning sot.  In the Crown & Sceptre at 8:55 am gave me time to finish changing into my running kit, have that long-delayed morning evacuation, and check out the bevs on offer.  At 9:00 sharp, I was handing over my cash in exchange for a Kung Fu Cider, almost ash grey and lightly sweet but not cloying (like a white pulp peach more so than an apple)…apparently made with ginseng, ginger, lychee, and tea.



The place was abandoned.  One guy came in while I was there, ordered a Stella, used it to wash down a couple of pills, and shoved the empty pint glass back in a little under a minute.  HE would have been worth talking to, but I wasn’t quick enough.



Still, an attractive bar.  Oh, I’m sure you had Kung Fu Fighting stuck in your heads as soon as I mentioned the tipple.  I used that in a recent post about the Sandrock (coincidentally named nearly the same as this cider’s orchard), so here’s an alternative Kung Fu Cider video:


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London A to Z Runs : S   5 comments



S is for Streatham, this time, although I toyed with the idea of Science or Slavery (both of which London is rich in related sites to visit).

When we first moved to England we lived in Stretham, a village near Ely in Cambridgeshire that almost no one has ever heard of.  When I would answer colleagues ten miles away at Cambridge that I lived in Stretham they always replied, “that’s quite a commute…do you take the train everyday?” It took me ages to realise they were talking about Streatham in South London…it is pronounced the same, which always reminds me of friends in Athens Georgia, Dale and Dell (both pronounced ‘Dayull’ in East Georgia-patois so you would always get the correction, “no, not Dayull…DAYull”).

Actually, I started the run at Clapham South Station but very near to Streatham Hill.  As the day progressed, I found a large number of art deco apartments around starting with these (part of the Oaklands Estates):



Some were a little less deco-esque, like these on Telford Road, and might just be considered modern to a more discerning and better trained eye:




And, this one evokes Frank Lloyd Wright…lovely:




The postbox obsession continues and I found two more cypher-free examples (my first, last May, was in Hull).





And, an abandoned cricket pitch shack or other field house adjacent to the Streatham and Clapham High School and the Tooting Bec Lido drew my attention mostly because there was no signage indicating what it might be:




This part of London is pretty well situated with parklands. This wood is at the eastern edge of Streatham Common:



Adjacent to the west end, there’s a separate war memorial.



And, churches everywhere.  I turned off before reaching this giant one:



And, this one amused me because the Christmas decorations are up 5 months early or 6 months late:



A couple of doors down from this is the birthplace of Sir Arnold Bax, whom I knew nothing about but this was the only Blue Plaque I spotted all morning.  Apparently, he’s buried in Cork.



I was intrigued by the Slurp signage and disappointed to later find out it is just a noodle house.



And, then there were the pubs…you don’t get an A to Z run without pubs involved.  This one, the Greyhound, is more of a nightclub and wouldn’t be open for hours when I took this shot at 11 am.  Love the bunnies!



I had reached the Greyhound a few minutes after being told by the staff serving coffee and cakes at the Railway pub that the bar would not open until noon.  I had already dashed into several bars with open doors after leaving the Crown and Sceptre to start the run in earnest and was too early for each of them.  But, I had scouted the Railway ahead of time and at 10:45 expected that they would honour their advertised hours:


Fuck them.



That’s what brought me to the Greyhound at 11; I was there awaiting the opening of the Mere Scribbler, as advertised on the web and in their windows:



At 11:15, the two people I had glimpsed dicking around inside were still dicking around inside.  I ran over to photograph the War Memorial (above) then back and waited until 11:25.  Still locked but occupied.  Fuck them.



The Five Bells was listed on Google Maps as open at 11 but they have only the most rudimentary and useless web page up.  I confirmed opening times as actually 12:00 via the WhatPub website and so was unsurprised when I arrived at 11:45 found the doors locked:



I opted for the Horse and Groom a few doors down and, since this was near the Streatham Hill Rail Station, thought I would double back for a quick one before heading home.  It was now 12:10 and the doors were still locked and the beer delivery guy at the door couldn’t raise anyone no matter how hard he banged on it.

“Still closed?” I asked, unsurprised.
“They better open soon or I’ll take this back to the depot.”
“Fuck them,” I suggested.
“Five more minutes, first,” he patiently advised as I ran off to the Sultan and the Hand in Hand (out of my way but at least they were open).



Properly refreshed and calmed a bit, I got some lunch at a kebab shop on the return to the station then bid Streatham an unimpressed farewell.



Edward VIII Postbox and other Nunhead Thingies   2 comments


After the visit to Nunhead Cemetery, we headed toward Peckham Rye and along the way I found yet another Edward VIII postbox (my fourth)!  More about these on the A to Z (P) Run write up.

As a bonus, there was also a really nice Victoria Regina cypher on a subsequent postbox:



Find them both in Nunhead near the dog escaping the park:


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