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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 6: Signage   2 comments

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I awoke Sunday certain I must have said something like Dylan Thomas’ last words (“I’ve had 18 straight whiskies……I think that’s the record”).  I was afflicted with the kind of hangover that, when you see signage in Arabic, you wonder if it is just brain damage or maybe you’ve found your way to the Qatar during your black out.  The ones, above, were on some council towers near my room and probably just said, “Resident parking only.  No ball games.”  Still, it seemed prudent to take photographic evidence in case I need to see a neurologist later.



The day before, I stumbled upon The Land Of Green Ginger and the George Hotel with one of the tourist items that, while recommended by a native who works in my lab, didn’t interest me enough to seek out (but it is probably somewhere near the sign).



I wasn’t sure about this block in the pavement but there’s a dirty joke in it if you just lower your standards a bit.  Go ahead, I’ll wait:



I really should start a “trademark infringement” tag.  “You’re out of parmesan! You’re out of parmesan! The WHOLE PIZZERIA is out of parmesan!”



From the absurd to the poignant, the X could be from a Brexiteer or a Remoaner.  At least we’re all one, again.  Similarly, up here you see a lot of Union flags and a lot fewer St George flags as if to say to the neighbours to the North that we’re better together, just not with those European bastards.



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