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The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor, Isle of Wight   1 comment


Pub #2148:

We skipped breakfast and headed straight to Shanklin on the train to tackle a hilly section of the Coastal Path (the walk where we found the 11th Century Church of St Boniface).  By the time we reached Ventnor we were quite ready to feast and, despite the touristy trappings, decided to try the Spyglass Inn.  It turned out to be an excellent choice.



I went to the bar to order while Jackie guarded the table (the house was busy) and came back with a liter of house Pinot Grigio.  “What’s for lunch?” she asked when the glasses were full.

I told her, “tuna and plaice.” “Yum,” she said and excused herself to the loo.

Before she got out of earshot I continued, “and an order of whitebait and some calamari.”

She stopped and turned, saying, “oh, dear lord…anything else?”

“A pint of prawns.”  The sea air really stimulates my appetite.  Drugs may also have been involved.  Everything was especially good, and we finished all the seafood (but were struggling with the last of the sides).  I suggested more wine to help lubricate the larynx but Jackie was the voice of reason, once again, and we waddled back out to finish the walk we started.



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Isle of Wight Trip, 2018   6 comments


Unable to travel far for various reasons, we took the better part of a week and went to the Isle of Wight, arriving in Ryde by Hovercraft.  Beachcombing the first afternoon, I got well dusted with sand and seaweed by getting behind the one in the picture to soon after it passed.

Also on the first day, I scoured the streets for interesting shops and hit gold with “I’m, Wonderful,” a combination Polish deli and sandal emporium:



The island railroad uses old London Tube cars:



A former colleague from Wimbledon says these were the ones from her childhood (1970’s):



They are still in remarkable shape although some look, on the outside, like they are close to rusting through.



We didn’t swim not even did we bring shorts.



We weren’t the only ones.  This group included fully covered (burkha’d) women:



We were quite happy cats on this holiday.  Not as happy as these that we picked up in a charity store in Ventnor, but satisfied with the overall effect:


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